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Joy, love & wisdom is already


Your body knows

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M E E T   M Y   E S S E N C E 

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About me:

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I'm here to support you on your journey! 

My mission is to spread love, care and compassion through my work.

I have been gathering knowledge from different schools and masters of yoga, tantra, psychotherapy and dance from the Amazon to the tiny town in Siberia where i was born.

I'm exploring the WOMAN for 4 years now, working with them on different topics. The mistery and diversity of HER brings me in such an awe and i wish to share my experience with you.

I'm bringing dance meditation, breathwork, tantric techniques, gestalt therapy and ancient teachings of Tao together. It's gonna help you to discover your powerful Feminine, find the balance between discipline and state of relaxation, pleasure, fulfillment and magnetizm .

Currently I 

- give bodywork sessions (Thai massage + Energy balancing)  =  130EUR per session (1,5h)

- give integrative private sessions (1H) -



My FULL session is a blend of

GESTALT THERAPY- working with trauma, building awareness, understanding own feelings and emotions, learning new ways how to relate to others.

BREATHWORK - techniques I’ve been learning since 2013 from ancient yoga teachings to direct energy or simply create the piece in your nervous system

GUIDED MEDITATIONS- taking you and your subconscious on the journey in order to reach something what’s not on the surface.

INTEGRATIVE SEXOLOGY - working specifically with sexuality using mostly eastern methods (TAO & TANTRA)  together with more scientific “western” approach + body-oriented therapy.

and all the knowledge I received through dance and touch that I can even apply online through the screen bodywork, contact impro, Zouk, Thai massage and Psychosomatics.


I find myself naturally aligned and radiant when guiding people towards healthy well-being, openness, self-expression, and serenity. My interest is obvious and slight egoistic - in this world

I want to be surrounded by alive and harmonious people :)


100h HATHA YOGA teacher's course, Novosibirsk, Russia 2013 

- 70h Yoga Teacher's training with Mark and Joan Darby (Canada),2015,

- Workshops with Petri Riisyanen, 2014

- Thai Massage - Wat Po Chettawan Medical and Massage School. 2016

- Indo - Thai massage (individual training)  -  Kerala, Green Heart Clinic , 2017 

-Swedish massage - Saint Petersburg, KIM massage school , 2018

-200h Yoga Teacher Training - International Yoga Alliance India, 2018

- Gestalt Therapy - Moscow Gestalt Institute, 2018 - 2022, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

- Psychosomatics - PSY 2.0 , Moscow, Russia

- "Integrative Sexology" - Samara, Russia

- "Master Lover" - Tantra Essence (US).

- "Goddess Essence" - Tantra Essence (US).

- Progressive Retreat with Joe Dispenza (US)

- Kundalini Teacher Training with Harijiwan - Rama Yoga Institute, US 

100 h Tao - Shamanic - Priestess Training 2022 - Tao Tantric Arts, Costa-Rica

1 month - Mystic Tantra Massage Training 2022 - Tantra Essence (US) - BALI 

Inner Alchemy I |Awakening the Healing Light of the Tao 2023 - Tao Garden, Mantak Chia 

Inner Alchemy II | Sexual Alchemy, Healing Love 2023 - Tao Garden, Mantak Chia




Welcome to my cosmos. feel yourself at home!

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