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My name is Elvina and I'm deeply passionate about what I do!

I have been gathering knowledge from different schools and masters of yoga, bodywork and dance from Polinesia to the tiny town in Siberia where i was born.

Sunset yoga with Elvina Ensh. (Yoga Dom Na Gore. Mui ne, Vietnam 2018)

Sunset yoga with Elvina Ensh. (Yoga Dom Na Gore. Mui ne, Vietnam 2018)


The journey to myself started in 2012 with a few lady-style and stretching classes in my hometown. I was so amazed by the energy teacher was transferring to us that I thought - wow, that's a dream life. The only opportunity seemed open for me was working in an oil company in the middle of  ̶n̶o̶w̶h̶e̶r̶e̶  Siberia.
Yoga was there too btw, but honestly it was boring till the point I WILL NEVER GONNA TAKE IT AGAIN :)

I got passionate about yoga later when I found my teacher and sense of harmony and stillness I've never experienced before. I grew up in a stressful environment so when I started to explore yoga, I realized I need it in my life. 

Then deeply apologizing to my mom and my beloved Physics teacher at university, that I'm not becoming an engineer, I DID

my first 

HATHA YOGA teacher's course in 2013 and started to give classes. 



Also, I've been learning Ashtanga Viñyasa Yoga - 

Teacher's training with Mark and Joan Darby (Canada),2015,
Workshops with  Petri Riisyanen, 2014

2018 -  International Yoga Alliance India
YTCC-200 from the Russian Yoga Federation

I started to learn  Thai massage in Bangkok, right there where it was actually invented (Wat Po Chettawan Medical and Massage School),  immediately started to practice with friends and soon it has become her favorite thing to share with people. During the trip to India, I met doctor Sidji, who was kindly giving me personal education of Indo-Thai Massage  (Kerala, Green Heart Clinic).



 I work with any level, have been working also with pregnant women, people with injuries (spine, joints), dynamic style, and also soft practice, depends on a group and level. I love to teach Vinyasa Flow.

I do my best to find an individual approach to each student and adjust the practice based on the possibilities and limitations of each body.


YOGA gives me a feeling of inner freedom, integrity, pure happiness and a sense of self-confidence. It brings me back to the mat again and again. 

I'm currently into psychosomatics and Gestalt therapy, finishing my last year of studies at Moscow Gestalt Institute.

Dance is also a huge part of my life and a tool for exploration. I teach improvisation, as I think everyone can dance as long as a person enjoys. The beauty is in raw and honest expression, not so much in form. 

I organize and facilitate dance retreats, this has become my favorite and encompassing thing I can share with the world.

Gathering all my knowledge in psychology, body wisdom, dance, yoga and tantra, inviting different teachers we create magic in reality, giving a real opportunity to transform people's lives, the effect of which they will experience for months. 

More information about this project here:


In our unusual times I focus on :

- giving private yoga-sessions (any level: Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Breathwork, Meditation)

- organizing Women's online - journeys. 

Request in the form below!

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